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BE A VOICE is the international version of the photo-traveling exhibition "Sei eine Stimme" which is originated in Germany. With BE A VOICE we present exhibits of internationally impacting voices in English. The photo-traveling exhibtion was initiated by Martin Rietsch, chair of the NGO "Aktion Liebe Deinen Nächsten e.V. ("Action: Love Your Neighbour") in cooperation with his anti-racism campaign „Against Racism – for a better tomorrow“


​Whether from sports, politics, entertainment or sciences - society needs strong examples taking a stance against discrimination, racism and right-wing extremism.

As a photo-traveling exhibition BE A VOICE presents pictures and individual statements by inspiring and authentic public figures from all kinds of disciplines. 

With messages focussing on respect, human dignity and fairplay our exhibits address current social topics and give strong impulses to reflect and act.


Initiator Martin Rietsch

Martin Rietsch alias singer and rapper 2schneidig initiated the photo traveling exhibition BE A VOICE.  Born and raised in Germany with Nigerian roots, he himself experiences racism and discrimination already in his early childhood. Based on the desire for change, his initiative to launch the campaign "Against Racism - for a better tomorrow" as well as the exhibition project joins the chain of his longstanding and diverse commitment to promote respect and human dignity, especially in his project work in schools.


His commitment has been recognized with several social and integration awards. The German Federal Ministry of the Interior, the German Olympic Sports Confederation and the Association of German Sports Journalists honored him with the Fair Play Award in the special category of integration. The then Federal Minister of the Interior, Dr. Thomas de Maizière, presented the award for exemplary commitment.


"With this exhibition, we want to stand for a strong, courageous society and encourage each individual. 'Be a Voice' captures dynamics of diversity in snapshots and lives through individuals who, in all their diversity, are exemplary voices for positive values in our society."



The German Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance - against Extremism and Violence (BfDT) classified the BE A VOICE exhibition project as exemplary and worthy of imitation by civil society. BE A VOICE is one of the award winners in the competition "Active for Democracy and Tolerance" 2019.

Sei eine Stimme - ALDN e.V. - Martin Rie
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